Residential Solutions

Residential Solutions

Whether you're looking to improve the look or value of your property or just getting ready for your next rent inspection, let the team at Jadestone help you.

Carpet Cleaning

Our minimal water, fast-drying system, deep cleans and grooms your carpet- restoring the look to near new condition by removing dirt, pet hair and stains.
Your carpets will never look better, and with the option of a completely chemical free clean, you can see how good they look with just the power of hot water and the right equipment.

Tile & Grout

Brighten the look of the tiled areas throughout your house, including shower stalls and wall tiles. By using hot water and high pressure, we minimise the use of any chemical to restore the shine to you tiles.


Its always a hard task to look after your precious wood flooring. Jadestone can clean and polish your floorboards to bring back their natural shine. And depending on condition, we can also offer re-sanding.


Whether it be a complete strip and seal or just a clean and polish, we can find the right solutions for your vinyl floors.

High pressure Cleaning

Our specialised equipment allows us to offer complete stone and brick paving clean, including driveways, walkways, pool areas, patios and garages. We can also high pressure clean your outside walls, fencing, wheelie bins and anything in between.