Our minimal water, fast-drying system, deep cleans and grooms your carpet- restoring the look to near new condition by removing dirt, pet hair and stains.
Your carpets will never look better, and with the option of a completely chemical free clean, you can see how good they look with just the power of hot water and the right equipment. Below you can find the advantages of using a professional carpet cleaning company.

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning

1. Extends the life of your carpet

One major benefit of a professional carpet cleaning services is that it helps extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris accumulate in the carpet and get embedded within the fabric which can eventually cause the fabric to split and deteriorate. Removing this built up of dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the carpet as dust and other debris are more likely to adhere to a dirty carpet than a clean carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners typically use cleaning methods involving hot water extraction and double brush cleaning systems to effectively remove the debris from deep within the fabric and leave the carpet sanitized. Homeowners can also help decrease the build-up of debris in the carpet between cleanings by vacuuming regularly.

2. Contributes to a healthier environment

A clean carpet will contribute to a clean environment, free of allergens

Some of the dust and allergens that get trapped in the carpet fabric may find their way into the breathing air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. The high temperature of the water used by most carpet cleaning companies kills off these allergens so that they are no longer a health threat and leaves the surface of the carpet fully sanitized.

3. Complete removal of dirt and bacteria

While it’s much easier to vacuum around the home than hiring a carpet cleaning service, a vacuum will only remove surface dirt. So all that debris that has become embedded with the fabric will stay there until it receives professional treatment.

Over time, this will cause excess wearing on the fabric, deteriorating faster. Bacteria in the carpet can also create odours, making it more difficult to breathe for those battling asthma or allergies.

4. Eliminates Carpet Stains

Another great advantage provided by professional carpet cleaning is that they can remove tough stains. Using the hot water extraction method and the double brush system, professionals are able to remove stains from all of the following:

Carpet cleaning can remove tough stains from wine, ink, pets, mud, and other sources.

  • Coffee spills
  • Dirt and mud
  • Ink
  • Pet stains
  • Red wine

After a professional carpet cleaning you shouldn’t have to worry about looking at the ugly spots or be embarrassed in front of guests.

5. No Residues

While vacuums don’t leave residues, some carpet cleaning machines do. If the equipment or products are old or cheaper, they can be inefficient and leave some of the cleaning solution behind.

On the other hand, the equipment used by cleaning professionals is always updated and uses commercial cleaning products to restore carpeting to a like-new condition.

6. Reduces Traffic Lane Effects

Carpet cleaning can reduce the effects of traffic lanes, extending its lifespan in high-traffic areas.

Areas of carpeting that receive significant foot traffic, including hallways, living rooms, kitchens, etc., will deteriorate much faster than those in bedrooms or under couches. This is because dirt is constantly being tracked in these areas, and you may have even noticed that these areas are darker than others.

But the advantage of carpet cleaning is that they will remove the dirt and slow down these “traffic lanes” effects. The dark areas of the carpet will be removed and the fabric will be restored.

7. Enhances overall appearance of the room

Did you know that the carpeting is the largest furnishing in a room? It is also the one that receives the most use. It makes sense, but not many people give much thought about exactly how much dirt is being tracked in every day.

While one may not notice it at first, over time the room can look dirty and outdated just by the carpet’s condition. Professional carpet cleaning can keep not only the fabric looking new but improve the aesthetics of the room.

Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above from Jadestone Floor Cleaning solution services. Call today for your free quote!

By keeping your carpet consistently maintained and having it professionally cleaned annually, you can increase the appearance and longevity of your carpet while contributing to a healthier environment. The spring season is a great time to have your carpet professionally cleaned to remove the dirt and debris that has settled in your home all winter.

If you are interested in having your carpet professionally cleaned, just fill out our quotation form and we will get back to you with an estimate quote.